What The Heck is That?


What the heck is this thing?  Anyone know?   I’ll give you a hint:  This item is sold at Hilmar Lumber.  Leave a comment with your guess (if you work at Hilmar Lumber you can’t guess).

Did someone say prize?  Find out next Wednesday 09/21 what the heck it is – and who wins a prize.


Llamas, Bras, Guns and Weaving

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What do llamas, bras, guns and weaving have in common?  You can find all of these items at Harshbarger’s  Ace in Gridley, California.  Harshbarger’s is the epitome of the locally owned hardware store.

Store owner, Peggy, hosts Fiber Friends every Wednedsay in their conference room.  Fiber Friends gets together to drink white wine, knit,  crochet, felt, spin or weave. Some of the ladies meet before Fiber Friends for a Zumba class.   Peggy spun this beautiful yarn and it’s available in the store.  If you get something gift wrapped at Harshbarger’s Ace, you just might find it tied with some of this spun yarn.

Hand Spun Yarn by Peggy

Peggy Weaving and Spinning

Llamas?  Harshbarger’s hosted a pet costume contest and Nobel the llama won.  Doesn’t she look cute with her tu-tu and matching top.

Nobel the Llama

Mixed in with the yarn, the weaving and the llamas are  plenty of hunting supplies.  Harshbarger Ace also carries guns, ammunition, fishing rods, reels, and bait.  You can also buy your hunting or
fishing license.  There is plenty of  camping equipment too.  If you are in the area, there is room in the parking lot to pull your RV in and stock up on your supplies.

Rods and Reels

The bras – they don’t sell them, but maybe they could fit  them in their store somewhere.  The Wall of Hope was part of a fund raising event for the Pink Passion Campaign.

Wall of Hope

By the way Harshbarger Ace stocks and sells lots of hardware and paint,  along with animal feed and I think you can even get the kitchen sink too.

For hours and directions visit www.harshbargerace.com