Chicken Manure for Your Garden and Lawn

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real-chicken-pic Chicken manure contains high amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium making it one of the best sources of natural fertilizer. A 100 square foot garden needs an annual application of 45 pounds of chicken manure. Fresh manure should never be used directly in your garden; instead it should be added to compost. However there are some garden ready brands of chicken manure such as, RediGro Chicken Manure.  Simply mix into the soil of vegetable and flower gardens or apply as a fertilizer by mixing around the base of trees and shrubs. Easier than taking care of a flock of chickens.

RediGro Chicken Manure is available at participating Ace Hardware Stores.  Visit for a listing of our stores and phone numbers.

Here are a few links regarding chicken manure and how to use.  Keep in mind that fresh chicken manure is used differently than garden ready chicken manure.

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Light Fixture Re-Do

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My husband was getting ready to paint our stark white hallway this past weekend.  He claimed he needed to replace our outdated brass light fixture.  Me, the lover of renewing and reusing stuff, suggested we buy a can of  Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.  I’d just been browsing the Krylon web set and found this project which became my inspiration.

 I had pinned it to my Pinterest board titled Home DIY projects – so that means we have to do this project.

He was skeptical.  But, with my amazing powers of persuasion I was able to convince him that it would be okay, and we’d spend roughly $6.00 instead of $45.00 for a new fancy light fixture.  So, he nimbly climbed the ladder, unscrewed the light fixture and wiped it down with a damp cloth.

 After laying down a layer of newspaper and shaking the can (following the directions) of Krylon Rubbed Bronze Spray paint he began to spray.  Well, I made him stop and pose for a picture first.


Here is the after.  This project probably took five minutes to complete!

My husband is a true believer now.  He went through our garage and grabbed several old brass items that were tagged for a garage sale.   A pillar candlestick holder, a planter, and a floor lamp (see picture below – more on that in another blog) are now Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Here is our hallway now.  The wall paint is a special color mix we had made out of the Clark+Kensington paint and primer in one. It really was only one coat.  The color is a close match to Benjamin Moore’s Storm.  It’s a grayish/blue.  If you want the color match colors I can get them for you.

Here are our next too projects:  tall brass lamp and a retro chair my neighbor was throwing away.  Can you believe they were just throwing this chair away!

Ace Lightens the Load for Military Families at Fort Hood this Holiday Season

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Ace Lightens the Load for Military Families at Fort Hood this Holiday Season

On Thursday, Dec. 15, Ace will travel to Fort Hood, Texas, to provide military families on the Fort Hood Army Base with over 72,000 energy-efficient light bulbs. Fort Hood is the largest active-duty military installation in the United States. The free supply of light bulbs is intended to help residents of the Fort Hood Army Base turn their home maintenance to-do list into a to-done list as they prepare for new energy-efficient lighting standards scheduled to take effect in early 2012.

According to the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, 100-watt general service incandescent light bulbs can no longer be manufactured for the United States beginning in 2012. This change will be the first of several phase-outs over the next two years: 75-watt incandescent bulbs may no longer be made in 2013 and 60- and 40-watt incandescent bulbs will be phased out in 2014. As a result of this change, consumers must transition to energy-efficient light bulbs for their lighting needs. Bulbs such as CFLs (compact florescent bulbs), LEDs (light-emitting diode) and energy-efficient halogens are options.

As incandescent bulbs begin to be phased out, Ace is lighting the way for consumers, starting with military families at the Fort Hood Army Base. While at the base, Ace will set-up an education event led by Lou Manfredini to help families understand the new lighting standards and energy-efficient light bulb options currently available at their neighborhood Ace Hardware stores. Ace will also donate an assortment of free GE® energy-efficient light bulbs in varying wattages to each family and help one lucky family update their entire homes’ lighting through an on-site raffle at the event.

Submitted by Kate Kirkpatrick, Public Relations Dept, Ace Hardware Corporation

Llamas, Bras, Guns and Weaving

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What do llamas, bras, guns and weaving have in common?  You can find all of these items at Harshbarger’s  Ace in Gridley, California.  Harshbarger’s is the epitome of the locally owned hardware store.

Store owner, Peggy, hosts Fiber Friends every Wednedsay in their conference room.  Fiber Friends gets together to drink white wine, knit,  crochet, felt, spin or weave. Some of the ladies meet before Fiber Friends for a Zumba class.   Peggy spun this beautiful yarn and it’s available in the store.  If you get something gift wrapped at Harshbarger’s Ace, you just might find it tied with some of this spun yarn.

Hand Spun Yarn by Peggy

Peggy Weaving and Spinning

Llamas?  Harshbarger’s hosted a pet costume contest and Nobel the llama won.  Doesn’t she look cute with her tu-tu and matching top.

Nobel the Llama

Mixed in with the yarn, the weaving and the llamas are  plenty of hunting supplies.  Harshbarger Ace also carries guns, ammunition, fishing rods, reels, and bait.  You can also buy your hunting or
fishing license.  There is plenty of  camping equipment too.  If you are in the area, there is room in the parking lot to pull your RV in and stock up on your supplies.

Rods and Reels

The bras – they don’t sell them, but maybe they could fit  them in their store somewhere.  The Wall of Hope was part of a fund raising event for the Pink Passion Campaign.

Wall of Hope

By the way Harshbarger Ace stocks and sells lots of hardware and paint,  along with animal feed and I think you can even get the kitchen sink too.

For hours and directions visit

One of My Favorite Stores

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Ace the cat one of the reasons why Carmichael Ace is one of my favorite stores.

I am always greeted by the friendly and helpful store staff which includes Ace, who gives me a little meow or nudge.  I feel as if I am walking into an old time mom & pop hardware store, where they have everything and anything I need.  I’ve never had to ask where an item is; a staff member greets me and shows me the way.

Ace’s favorite place to “hang” is in the Lawn & Garden department.  On his rather lazy days, which are almost every day for a cat, he can be seen lounging on the registers or on a shelf somewhere.  If he doesn’t greet me when I come into the store, I stroll each aisle trying to figure out where he is.  If you live in the Carmichael area, make sure you stop by Carmichael Ace and visit Ace the cat.


PS:  Carmichael Ace sells jewelry too!