My husband was getting ready to paint our stark white hallway this past weekend.  He claimed he needed to replace our outdated brass light fixture.  Me, the lover of renewing and reusing stuff, suggested we buy a can of  Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.  I’d just been browsing the Krylon web set and found this project which became my inspiration.

 I had pinned it to my Pinterest board titled Home DIY projects – so that means we have to do this project.

He was skeptical.  But, with my amazing powers of persuasion I was able to convince him that it would be okay, and we’d spend roughly $6.00 instead of $45.00 for a new fancy light fixture.  So, he nimbly climbed the ladder, unscrewed the light fixture and wiped it down with a damp cloth.

 After laying down a layer of newspaper and shaking the can (following the directions) of Krylon Rubbed Bronze Spray paint he began to spray.  Well, I made him stop and pose for a picture first.


Here is the after.  This project probably took five minutes to complete!

My husband is a true believer now.  He went through our garage and grabbed several old brass items that were tagged for a garage sale.   A pillar candlestick holder, a planter, and a floor lamp (see picture below – more on that in another blog) are now Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Here is our hallway now.  The wall paint is a special color mix we had made out of the Clark+Kensington paint and primer in one. It really was only one coat.  The color is a close match to Benjamin Moore’s Storm.  It’s a grayish/blue.  If you want the color match colors I can get them for you.

Here are our next too projects:  tall brass lamp and a retro chair my neighbor was throwing away.  Can you believe they were just throwing this chair away!