Humus – you’ve seen it in the garden section and probably wondered, “What is Humus?”

First, don’t be confused with hummus which is a tasty spread made out of chick peas and tahini.

Humus is a carbon rich end product that results from the decomposition of organic materials. Think of it as the soft forest floor – the part under the sticks and leaves.  In other words – it’s really great compost.

Humus improves sandy or clay soils.  Adding humus to your soil helps your plants hold nutrients and prevents leaching of elements such as calcium, nitrogen, potassium and iron.  Also, adding humus to your soil increases beneficial microorganisms.

This week, if you’re lucky enough, your local Ace will be selling Redi-Gro Humus during the NorCal Ace Dirt Cheap Event for only .99 for a huge bag!

 Redi-Gro’s humus is 100% recycled composted green waste and has a higher organic matter content compared to sawdust based soil amendments.

Redi-Gro does routine lab testing to ensure active composting – which means a weed seed and pathogen free organic compost.

Use humus not hummus to make your garden look this.