Thanks to HilmarLumber for providing the picture of the Gratevalve for last week’s blog, “What the Heck is That”.  Gratevalves are used in the diary industry to thoroughly clean waste from the lanes cows stand in.  It actually shoots out water without backflow.   Visit the link to see Gratevalve in action – really – it’s cool, and there’s a cow in the video.  Kevin from Hilmar says they’ve sold thousands of Gratevalves all over the US.  There are Hilmar Lumber Gratevalves in Germany, Japan and the Middle East!

Hilmar Lumber is not only Gratevalves. They sell tools, and hardware, they have a fully stocked garden center, a paint center as well as catering to the dairy and agriculture industries.

Where else can you go to buy a gallon of paint and a 60” culvert pipe?

One litte push - right here...

Need some of that PVC glue stuff - got a few gallons?

How about buy an owl box or rent a cherry picker?

Barn Owl Box

Checking stock.

Hilmar Lumber  celebrated their 60th year in business with their 10th Annual Customer Appreciation Night on September 21st.   They gave away prizes
including the grand prize of a flat screen TV.   They also gave door prizes to every costumer who stopped in.  Last year they ran out of door prizes after the 500th customer.

Delores says, "I absolutely love Hilmar Lumber!"