Ace the cat one of the reasons why Carmichael Ace is one of my favorite stores.

I am always greeted by the friendly and helpful store staff which includes Ace, who gives me a little meow or nudge.  I feel as if I am walking into an old time mom & pop hardware store, where they have everything and anything I need.  I’ve never had to ask where an item is; a staff member greets me and shows me the way.

Ace’s favorite place to “hang” is in the Lawn & Garden department.  On his rather lazy days, which are almost every day for a cat, he can be seen lounging on the registers or on a shelf somewhere.  If he doesn’t greet me when I come into the store, I stroll each aisle trying to figure out where he is.  If you live in the Carmichael area, make sure you stop by Carmichael Ace and visit Ace the cat.


PS:  Carmichael Ace sells jewelry too!